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When it comes to the use of specialized tools, NordiConsult’s strategy is that they must be easy to handle, robust and reliable.

Labeling Utility Poles

By introducing this system of labeling one is able to increase the safety of your internal and external linemen.

  • Poles which are deemed unfit – are labeled with a white marking tape.
  • Damaged poles that are still able to be in use are labeled with a bright, well visible green/white marking tape.
  • Poles which are in order are labeled with a small marking that shows which year it was last inspected


The labels are easy to install – effectively warn internal and external employees

  • The marking tape is 95 cm long and 5 cm wide, and is made of plastic.
  • On page 1, as shown in the picture, the tape is two colored (green and white). This implies that one can still climb the pole
  • On page 2 the tape is white, implying that the pole is deemed unfit.
  • The tape is installed by running a nail through the year in which the pole was last inspected.
  • The label informs the linemen if they should take precautions before climbing the poles.
  • Distribution network companies also have as a motive to label all the damaged utility poles. They wish to warn their internal and external linemen that the pole is damaged and therefore increase a general awareness and caution when it comes to handling the poles.