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NordiConsult has 5 years of experience in collecting data for small, medium and large power network companies. A result of having clients who have experience reduced maintenance expenses, and efficiency in operations and maintenance, NordiConsult’s methods and solutions are today used across all of Norway!

NordiConsult FieldSolution

  • Collecting data electronically from the field is no longer a challenge.
  • NordiConsult’s FieldSolution covers all of the demands set by the directory and is created in accordance with REN standards.
  • The information is securely safeguarded in back up functions on PDA and in the computer database.
  • Transferal of data from the field to a central database is stable, and there are few or no errors with our customers.
  • The inspection program is based on REN’s check points and covers therefore the requirements from both the authorities and the business. - Software for inspections and condition surveys of low and high voltage power lines - Software for inspections and condition surveys of substations - Software for positioning with GPS coordinates - Options for taking photos
  • In addition we have expanded the control points with NordiConsult’s unique method for calculating the residual strength value of the utility poles. This signifies that one can increase the lifetime of power lines and poles.
  • The modern and user-friendly inspection programs, give the power network companies a unique opportunity to base their maintenance on sure facts.
  • All of the mentioned inspection programs have built-in safety controls for data acquisition (Auto Control).
  • All of the programs have built-in help functions. Meaning that if the inspectors are unsure of how they are to execute an inspection on a particular plant, they are able to open their “textbooks” directly in the field.
  • The programs can be used on Android, Apple (iPhone) and Windows Mobile Smartphones.

NordiConsult Express

  • Is web based “real time” conditional and deviational system, which gives the power network companies immediate supervision over deviations and the true condition of power lines and substations at any given moment.
  • The system has a simple interface so the users can easily orient themselves depending on what one wishes to do.
  • One can easily extract exact deviations which one wishes to repair. Also one may locate specific repair assignments for internal or external entrepreneurs. The specific assignments contain all the information one has collected; which piece of the plant that needs to be replaced, the location, images, GPS coordinates, comments from the inspectors, comments from the planners, specific time frame in which the deviation must be corrected, the person who identified the deviation etc.
  • When the entrepreneurs have corrected the deviation, the deviations are checked off the check list. These corrections are registered, and the base creates a new “real time” situation for the plant.
  • Also, the system creates unique reports when it comes to revealing the condition of areas/lines/branches, to prioritize work assignments, to find power lines where re-investments should be considered.

NordiConsult AS believe that the combination of experienced linemen combined with the newest and most modern technology is the best collaboration possible when it comes to completing rot testing and inspections of the condition on plants built by wooden poles.

Is your company planning on carrying out inspections on the condition (surveying and inspecting) of your power lines; then NordiConsult AS will be able to complete this for you.

It is documented that network owners are able to reduce their maintenance expenses significantly by simply using NordiConsult’s methods instead of the traditional methods. Today NordiConsult’s methods and inspections are in use across Norway. Besides simply receiving a precise survey/inspection of the conditions, the customers are given an adapted inspection however they may please, and the inspection will always be completed according to Norwegian rules and regulations.

NordiConsult AS can offer

  • Annual surveys of the power lines of plants built by wooden poles.
  • High and low voltage rot testing and survey inspections.
  • Top inspections of plants built by wooden poles (with and without AUS)
  • Simple rot testing and force of fiber controls.
  • Plant registering

We can also offer replacing simple parts of the plant when we execute our inspections. More specifically

  • Replacing barduanvisere
  • Tightening barduliner
  • Tightening bolts
  • Replacing or installing warning signs
  • Replacing or installing number signs

References using the method

  • Nord-Norge; Troms Kraft, Bodø Energi, Statnett, Telenor Operations
  • Midt-Norge; Nord Trøndelag Energiselskap, Nord Asterdal Kraftlag, Jernbaneverket
  • Vestlandet; BKK, NEAS, Tussa, Sunnfjord, Sogn og Fjordane Energi
  • Østlandet; Eidsiva Nett, EB Energi, Midt Nett Buskerud, Ringerikskraft, Vooks

If you are planning on carrying out inspections on distributional or regional networks,
or simply want more information about us, please contact us on:

Telephone: +47 93 44 15 63