NordiConsult AS | About us
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About Nordiconsult

NordiConsult is an independent third-party inspection company focusing on the performance of good inspections of power and telecommunications networks. NordiConsult has provided services to the public and private sectors since 2005.
Today, NordiConsult AS is a leading company in the industry that has specialised in the assessment of components and condition inspections of lines carrying voltages from 0.23 V to 132 kV, and in measuring ground earth resistance.
We are a preferred supplier based on our methods, our experienced line workers and our links to research environments.


  • The energy sector
  • The electric power sector
  • Municipalities
  • The transport sector: road and rail
  • The telecommunications sector

We believe that through performing good inspections we provide our customers with data that facilitate correct decisions by the customer with respect to both strategy and day-to-day maintenance tasks.