NordiConsult AS | Vision and Philosophy
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Our vision and philosophy

The Business’ perspective NordiConsult AS is a company that offers both products and services in regards to inspections of both distribution lines and plants owned by power network companies.

Our vision

NordiConsult will be the leading company in inspections of distribution lines in the North. We shall become the preferred supplier, based upon our methods for inspection, our skilled employees, and our specialized instruments and tools.

Our philosophy

“NordiConsult AS seek a long term cooperation with their clients. To achieve this we must deliver innovative and cost-saving products and services. By cooperating with NordiConsult our clients will experience exactly this.”

Where do we want to go with NordiConsult AS

To ensure that we are moving in the correct direction, towards our vision and philosophy, we have decided to formulate “specific goals” on four superior target areas.
Reputation: Clients we go for shall regard NordiConsult as an obvious choice

We shall be the obvious distributor of rot testing for clients who wish for a qualitative well executed inspection carried out by professionals using a well-tested method. Our reputation of using good foreign workers is emphasized, and we have good margin on current rules and regulations.

We shall be the obvious distributor of maintenance systems for all clients who focus on “making the best decisions”, based on academic quality and a “R&D” methodology.

Human Relations: NordiConsult shall be regarded as an appealing employer.

Through a proper and approved working environment will we be able to become a safe and long term employer for our employees. Good HSE routines create a secure environment for our employees.

Finance: NordiConsult shall be profitable.

Our goals will be met if we are effective in both the sales of our services (rot testing) and in our products (maintenance programs), and in completing projects. Quality and knowledge will foremost be our competitive advantages.

Development: The Company is in the lead when it comes to their areas of focus, and is run by the market’s needs.

From early on we shall be able to offer new methods and knowledge. We shall take the initiative to evolve together with our clients so that we may be able to cover all needs unmet. We cooperate closely with R&D so that we may be in the forefront of all our core areas.