NordiConsult AS | Electrical designing projects
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Electrical designing projects from socket to CHP energy stations

We are able to do the following electrical field designing projects:

  • Indoor (houses, double houses, office buildings, etc.) electrical projects.
  • Low voltage power grid (cable- and overhead lines) projects (up to 1kV).
  • High voltage power grid (cable- and overhead lines) projects (from 1kV up to 110kV).
  • Various distribution station projects (up to 110kV).
  • Outdoor lighting (roads, parks, parking lots, etc.) projects.
  • Renewable CHP energy station (ON-GRID and OF-GRID) projects in collaboration with partners.

.Get in touch with NordiConsult AS
General manager:
Kristian Mjølnerød
Mobile phone: (+47) 93 44 15 63