NordiConsult AS | Research and development
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New method of rot detection

Research & development

The resistograph was introduced to Norway by NordiConsult AS in 2005. The method had been developed, modified and adapted to Norwegian standards through consultations between NordiConsult AS and the research institutes IML Instrumenta Mechanik Labor GmbH in Germany, IPEC ***Engineering Ltd in Manchester and CBS – CBT in France.

Every year, NordiConsult offers courses and training to other companies in how to use the instrument, including in how to read the results in the context of REN AS’s guidelines/Norwegian standards.

Research projects

NordiConsult is NordiConsult is a member company of REN AS and also participates in two research/innovation projects:

  • Rot detection and residual lifetime calculations of poles, under the auspices of SINTEF Energi and Energi Norge.(Norwegian department of energy)
  • An application for an Industrial R&D project to develop a model and a tool for analysing the relationship between technical line condition, exposure to external impacts, asset deterioration and how this develops over time, under the auspices of Wiseline AS.