NordiConsult AS | Line inspections
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Line inspections – ground and pole-top inspections

NordiConsult has 12 years’ experience of training, consultancy, inspection and evaluation of lines carrying voltages between 0.23 kV and 132 kV. Since 2015, we have carried out projects for measuring ground earth resistance, aerial pole-top inspections using drones and evaluation of aerial drone and helicopter inspections.


  • Condition inspections and rot detection of overhead lines supported by wooden poles, and visual pole-top inspections
  • Rot detection along lines supported by wooden poles
  • Annual inspections of transmission and distribution lines
  • Condition inspection of steel and concrete poles, including visual pole-top inspections
  • Aerial line condition and pole-top inspections using drones

The actual inspections and the top-quality data produced form the core of NordiConsult’s products and services.

  • Faults are systematised, categorised and classified in accordance with customers standards. Our inspections are based on guidelines from Norwegians and Swedish standards, REN AS/SINTEF and our 12 years of experience in field work.
  • We take photos and add comments where necessary or desired by the customer.
  • On request, we will survey pole positions using a GNSS receiver and CPOS correction software. This means accurate positioning to the nearest centimetre.
  • We will make good simple nonconformities as we go: replace guy-wire markers, post operational and warning signs, tighten guy wires, fasten stays and replace terminals as necessary.

Quality assurance

We consider it essential that inspectors, foremen and the project management are given an immediate opportunity to quality assure the content and progress of measurements and inspections. We have therefore developed effective IT field solutions and our own quality assurance and reporting program, NordiConsult Express.
In addition to providing us with analyses and reports about the condition of lines and earthing systems, NordiConsult Express enables us to import and export data in our customers’ preferred formats.